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Balsa deck core: rotten or not? (1 visning) (1) _WHO_ONLINE_GUEST
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TRÅD: Balsa deck core: rotten or not?
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Balsa deck core: rotten or not? 1 Uke, 3 Dager siden Karma: 0  
Just bought a 60's sailboat with a balsa cored deck. Most of the deck is sound, but i started digging out the few soft spots. Where the fiberglass skin is delaminated, the old balsa has basically been reduced to powder, obviously rotten. My issue is that as I keep digging, the core still seems suspiciously soft even where it is not delaminated. It holds its shape but i can still dig it out with my fingers. Is this just the nature of balsa? The boat has been indoors for so long that there is no moisture so it is tough to tell how far the rot goes. If the balsa was wet at some point, but the skins are still well adhered, do I even need to worry about it? I plan to have substantial backing plates for all hardware and to fill any holes with epoxy before drilling. Any help would be appreciated
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